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"joel jerome is the andy warhol of cheetos, he is doing for cheetos what andy warhol did for campbells soup..."

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The Story of the Cheeto Freak

As a child I was obsessed with the tiny orange cheesy fried snack Cheetos, I would have to eat cheetos everyday.
Not only did I love to eat cheetos but I would spend hours staring at them,
finding and saving the interesting ones. While other kids collected baseball cards, insects, and coins,
I would collect Cheetos. I would see things in the cheetos
the way that people see objects in the clouds when they stare at them long enough.
I have found cheetos that resemble almos
t anything that one could imagine.
I have been collecting cheetos off and on for over 25 years and have well over a thousand cheetos. 
A few years ago I started taking pictures of cheetos, and soon discovered that if I built a background
around the cheetos it would turn these ordinary pictures of cheetos into unique works of art.
Since then I have been on a mission to change the way that the world looks at Cheetos...

Welkum 2 My World.......................

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Cheeto Facts

•Chee-tos were introduced by the Frito Company in 1948.

•Frito-Lay sells about 1 billion bags a of Chee-tos a year.

•About 15 million pounds of cheese are used every year in making the snacks.

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          MP'zReal Underground Muzik....

Shin D.i.G.presentz Cheeto Muzik

This is unique instrumental album by the great Shin D.i.G. (A true pioneer in the hip hop and trip hop music underground scene for over 20 years.)   D.i.g. has created one of his greatest instrumentel experiments to date.  This is true a hip hop sound experience that has been specially designed and creatively altered to enhance your full Cheeto Freak experience and enjoyment....  Cheeto MusiK is the first and only music that contains a special blend of hip hop music made by using very  intricate sounds and samples of  various sounds affiliated with eating cheetos.... These sounds include samples of eating cheetos, crunching cheetos, ruffling bags of cheetos, samples from cheeto commercials, and other sounds made by cheetos... This music has been specifically produced to open the portals of your mind that enhance your creativity thus opening your inner eye so that you can trully see and understand the true beauty and art of cheetos..... Shin D.i.G is a musical genius that makes complex music sound simple....

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Cheetos & Kush

Cheetos & Kush
The ultimate party album by the artist Joel Jerome aka Cheeto Freak aka SlopDaddy...
This album is everything rap is supposed to be..... fun, crazy, controversial,dancable, funny, fresh, creative, cool and dope.....
Listen 2 it and you will Love it.........